Message in a bottle

There are words hidden in all of us



Waiting for the right moment to be taken out



Exposed to the open air



Read out loud for all to hear



Without shame



Without prejudice



Some may feel awkward to speak



But even more awkward to keep them bottled up



Thrown to the ocean just to be lost



Thinking that there is no one that cares to hear them coming out of your mouth




But there is at least one that roams the shoreline searching for those bottles



Opening what was closed



Reading what was written



Looking at the horizon searching out for the one who sent the words



Checking for the reason of those words



Trying to give meaning and form for those words



If not for the one who wrote them



Then at least for someone else in the same stage



Who is about to throw away similar words into the ocean



Only to turn your back to them




I am here to listen



If you can find the strength to tell them



To feel my body against yours



To feel bound by both words and actions



Your words to my words



Your actions to my actions




I do not throw my words away



I give them to you



So that you can find purpose in them



So that you can find a purpose for you