To my love

I am here, now by your side and I do so because I want it



I want you



I feel deep inside that the place I want to leave my love is next to you



It is true that a side of me longs to be locked, possessed and treated like the beast I am



But another side longs to love and share



It is that side that I want to give you, fully and unconditionally



The other side I want to keep hidden from you



The side that enjoys pain and torture. That enjoys feeling the cold chains locking it to the wall like the beast it longs to be.



I don’t want to soil the love that you may feel for me, dirtying your hands with the burden of taming, something that only one was able to achieve with success to this date



I know that my body is shaped to meet the desires of the one who holds me but my heart is here to fit yours



I know that you will look and see the signs of possession on me



The cage that wraps my cock means nothing as it serves no purpose, either for you or for me



The chain around my neck that will be always there, to prove that the caged animal is under control




But as it holds me down to my Teacher and Master, it is also a commitment to be by your side for as long as you can hold me, close to your body and your warmth



As long as my beast is controlled by him, my heart can belong to you, with only the love and softness of a docile animal, that wants to lose itself at your side



I know it is little what is left for me to give you



My love, my faithfulness, my company and my commitment to you



There will be times when the animal will have to go back to the cage, to be tamed and trained again



But it will always return to you, if you can accept me



I am here for you