In this moment you find yourself bound and restrained but at the same time warm, hugged and accompanied



I am here, together, walking with you in this journey



Here you are, clean, naked, empty



Filled only with the desire to be, to live, to taste



The events of the past have brought you here, to me



And I am here to take you




My hands shape this body to make it mine



Bare of everything, it is ready to be filled with what I desire



And my desire is to make you a slave



To bind your body and your mind to my desire



To make it taste my body and want nothing more



To fill your mind with that wanting



Until it overcomes all doubts, all fears, all barriers



With my hand I will guide your path



And break what stands between us



I am your Master



And you are my slave




There is space for nothing more



As I fill every space and every crack in you



You are mine



You may try to fight it, but there is no escape



And no desire to try to escape



As in each moment that passes I bring you closer to me



And in my warm embrace you will find in me



Your mission, your desire, your dream



Yourself as my slave



With my hand holding the chain



That is placed around your neck



You are mine




Nothing will stand in the way



You are mine