100 Percent

Every hundred years strange phenomenons happen


Planets align in their orbit, making what was once visible as many in the night sky become one to those that observe them


They have become omens of both good fortune as well as messengers of change and destruction, bringing the downfall of civilizations and even mass extinction of all living things


As a mean to appease the gods that are responsible for such deadly fate, prayers have been sung, buildings and other monuments erected, as well as animal and human sacrifices placed in altars for both humans and gods to see


Perhaps from chance or from what was sacrificed in their honor, these events did not all happen and we are here to live and tell the tale


Amongst these phenomenons there is another that amazes and dazzles all


To be 100% ready for anything


We all know that there is and should be preparations to be made for any event


Selecting and preparing the animal to be butchered, setting up the crowd to meet in a specific location at a specific time, dressing up the priests and selecting the knifes that are going to used


But one never knows if the ceremony will go well and both the crowds and the gods will be indeed appeased


If that doesn’t happen, everything will end with the world turned to dust


There is no need to be 100%


Perfection is divine


But we are only humans


We are prone to imperfections both in the way we are as in the way we act


No god can hope for such an imperfect being to be able to create anything worthy of divine perfection


What is expected is that the intentions and the faith of those that sacrifice everything for change to happen is strong enough to overcome whatever the gods throw at them, be it a planet alignment, a comet or a mere session


So strip yourself of your doubts as well of your clothing as you surrender into my hands


All that I need of you is for you to be strong enough to take it to the end what you came here for, that you  please me with your actions and that you remember that you exist for me alone


And I will answer your prayer