People are like onions



They grow in the land from a small bulb



And as time passes by, the layers grow in size and number



The outer shell is the most rigid, the most rugged, the most touched and the most insensitive to being touched



To be able to be used, one has to open it, starting with the first layer



After it is removed, the next layers are softer, more mellow, that bring tears to the eyes as you shed them



And as those layers are taken, the onion ceases to be so big and unmanageable, becoming easier to grasp and handle



As for what has been shed, they are still good enough to be used in pan, sprinkled in oil heated up until they are caramelized and ready to be used in your everyday dishes



The bad thing, if you consider it as such, is that the onion will not return to its original shape if you stick them together




You may try but you never will




But then… who likes onions…