No contact zone

From time to time, I scour amongst those that call themselves slaves or that seem to enjoy being bound, in body or in mind



I check their desires, their fears, their objectives



I identify patterns of behaviors, trends and interests



And in all that, I check those that fit my requirements, those that I see promise if I were to take them



I then ignore them and return to my everyday activities




You might ask



Why do I take that much effort in prospecting and not make a pass at my prospective slaves to be




Well it is the first leap of faith



If you are not even able to make a cruise, to send a message, I don’t see how you will get the strength to do a thousand kilometers to be taken by me




The decision should be yours




I am asking for someone to come to lose all control over himself and to give that control to me




It is my place to help you in the decision and not make that for you




I am there to open and clear the path, but it is you that has to walk it



The first step is yours



It is your right, your privilege and your obligation as a slave to choose the one you are going to serve, to whom you will give all that you are and become all that he wants you to be




Show me your resolution, the strength that you have within, the size of the desire that has grown inside you and the one you want to share with me




Everything has to start somewhere



And now you know where