From A to B

A: I am not a slave



B: I am not asking you to be one


That has to be your own choice to make




A: But I want to be with you and enjoy what you have to offer



B: Then you will have to be one for the duration of one contract




A: But I am submissive and not a slave



B: Have you tried it and more importantly, have you tried it with me





A: I haven’t, but I have been with others and I didn’t enjoy it



B: As I have tried it with other supposed slaves in the past and didn’t enjoy it as well, but I still continue taking new slaves and giving them a chance



What doesn’t work with one, can work with another, if you are open to it




A: Why would it work with you



B: I don’t know



You will have to read the blog as well as the book, ask the questions in your mind until you feel I can be what you seek




A: Can you give me a summary of what you offer that is different of what others do



B: Yes, this blog and the book exist for that purpose



They summarize what I offer, what I do and the reasoning behind that



See if you can find someone else capable of doing so in a coherent and constructive way



Evaluate what you read and make your choice




A: But it is too much to read and I don’t have the time



B: As you evaluate me by my words, I evaluate you by your reactions at my words



Lazy is a word that comes to me quite easily



If you aren’t even able to read and let my simple words work it’s magic in your mind, I doubt that you might be a good choice for me




A: But what I want is sex with a top in gear



B: Then you will easily find someone else that can entertain you



And you won’t need to make 3000km to get it



The question should be, why do you keep seeking out other people and are even considering someone this far from you



My guess is that something is missing from what you have been experiencing up to this point and my offer seems to provide you with more than you have found up to this moment



A: But you sound so serious in what you do



B: If you prefer finishing up in an hospital or with a desease to take home, then you can find a more playful guy out there



If I was in your shoes, I would ask and in fact demand that the one that takes me is serious about what he does



But being serious does mean that I don’t laugh, smile or care for my slaves




A: Isn’t being a slave just being stripped naked, chained, beaten and raped all day long



B: For some perhaps, but my way does not work in that fashion



For a first, it would get boring and tiresome



I am not excited by birds in cages



I prefer interaction at a deeper level, and to lock you up without chains, but with your own desires




A: Isn’t that something like sex



B: It contains the same ingredients, but it is deeper and more meaningful than that



For more on that continue reading the blog or read the book




A: What do you do with your slaves



B: There is a keyword list on my recon profile



That is what I do




A: There are many items that I don’t know what they are or that I don’t want to do



B: My game is a challenging one and my challenges are in my keywords



I play around them and I can find something to show you that will bring out the slave within you



Being a slave means being bound in fresh and unbound in mind



If it presents a problem, the there is a challenge within, that should be explored bit by bit, until you can be comfortable with that in the future



The steps may be big or small, according to your stage, but one that I want to explore in you



There are restrictions that apply due to your normal life that I can accept ( the shaving part is usually the most frequent complain), but as for the rest I consider most of them mandatory



My game is offered as such



If you feel the need to bargain, either you have something to offer that I can find valuable or my interest will be lost rather easily



A: Do you accept anyone as a slave




B: Yes, if you have a hundred thousand euros to pay up (kidding)



I don’t do this for money, or for fame



My time is limited, so I have listed the minimum requirements that will let me accept you



Of course just that is not enough



Three things are needed if you are to come



a) you have to phisically be what I want (requirements list)



b) play the game as I like to play (keyword list)



c) show me that you are a man and not an animal, with good table manners, intelligent enough to know what you are doing, why you are doing it and with an open mind to events and possibilities



Another restriction is, if you are owned, your Master has to solicit me first before applying




A: Your list does not have all the items that I like to play with



B: If you are able to please me properly, I can do one more trick or two




A: But I need it to play, specially poppers




B: As I said before, if you already serve a Master, he has to ask me



If he has a given name, such as John, Mary or Joseph for instance, he can address me



If his name is drugs, tobacco, alcohol, poppers or some other common name to which you bend to, then you can’t come as they do not have the ability to speak



If you cease to be a slave to them, I may consider your application




A: Can a session happen immediately after talking to you



B: There are occasions when I may be open to it, but usually things are set weeks in advance




A: Can I get a chance to sample it before taking a contract



B: I am not in the cake business, so no free samples



You want to try it, then start with the smaller weekend contract




A: Can I skip all those contracts and go straight to the permanent one




B: Permanent contracts are not jokes to be done on whims



Only those that have finished their trainings with me are entitled to talk about it to me



All the rest are immediately discarded




A: And if after I am with you I discover that I like being a slave in your hands and want to go further




B: Then the first step is done and there are more to be taken




A: And if I discover that I don’t like it



B: Then you will have learned one more thing about you that you didn’t know and that is out of your system for good



Either way I won’t measure my success based on your return or not



In the end, it is not a matter of liking or not liking



In many cases it is a matter of needing it



An escape valve to your everyday life, a moment where you can let go of all your facades



A moment to laugh, scream and cry



To feel in your body something that is real and to be with someone in whom you can trust to take you on such a voyage



That seems to be something worth of the trip




A: And if I don’t want to go beyond that one contract



B: Then it is done and you and I continue living our lives, each in its separate directions



You don’t even have to acknowledge me for what I gave you or even greet me on the street (something very common to happen with portuguese slaves)



Your secret is safe and whatever had to be extracted from the event, happened in that moment in space and time



Our moment in space and time



And the memories will be yours to keep




A: And if afterwards I decide to take another Master



B: It is part of your growth as a slave if you do it



I will not chain you to my wall because of that



A: And if I have another Master that I serve and want to go to you




B: Then ask your Master for permission



I don’t eat from the bowl of others without asking



That is rude for me and your Master




A: And if I have a family or a non bdsm partner and want to be with you



B: The arrangements in your private life are yours to make



I honestly don’t care and don’t want to know as I will not provide much information about mine



Being an adult means making choices and accepting consequences



All that I can say is that your secret is safe with me, but I believe in being honest about it, whenever possible




A: Can I trust you to keep my secret




B: Trust is not given



It is earned



All that I can say is that without trust, nothing works



Even with a million toys to play with



But to trust, you have to live an experience where that trust can be put to the test and taken to the limit



I can provide a face, a name, a number and an address when we reach an agreement regarding a possible date



My profile is old and have some recognizing me as known



I could also ask if you are trustable enough for me to let you enter my house and perhaps my life, but it is futile for us both



The only way of knowing is by trying



No way out of that



What works for some may not work for you and vice versa



Read, ask and make your own conclusions



You are doing this for yourself, not for me



The sentence




I want to serve you, Master




starts with you, stating an objective towards an destination



And if I say no, you will direct it towards someone else



It is in you that it all starts



Choose me as your destination, make your objective sound and strong and I may take you up for the journey of a lifetime




Or nor, and you may follow your way