We all need a drive to move us forward



The need for more



Quantity or quality



More times, more people, more fucks, more toys, more extreme versus more time, more connection, more exploration, more simplicity




It can be argued that to discover what you want you need to try out all that is offered, seek different partners in crime and experiment to see what works and doesn’t work for you



And what does not work, you leave behind and try something new



And I agree




But are you truly living the experience in that moment or just looking ahead to the next event in your mind



It is true that time is short and you have to live while you can, but time is limited either way



You cannot live all in one lifetime



And that is a fact




Life is made of choices




You can choose to jump from stone to stone, barely touching it, or you can walk on it, slowly and step by step



Both will take you to your destination, whatever that may be




True enjoyment comes not just from the arrival but from the journey there



You should move quickly if you are doing something you don’t like



You should move slowly if you are enjoying it, savoring every second as it was your last




Fruits grow in the tree without you pointing and shouting at it



All you have to do is give it time and care and they will grow on its own




What you have to do is wait



When you find a good tree




What makes a good tree, you might ask



It is not only the fruit



But it is the shape, the smell and the shade it can provide when you lean over it, that makes you feel good and at home, even when you are not biting the fruit




The fruit only lasts for a season



The tree can last a lifetime




You can jump from tree to tree, trying every fruit, if they exist



But the more you pick, the more you will be picky



And no fruit will taste good for you




And if after all that effort to choose, you can finally choose the one you like best



Someone will be there under the shade




Make the best possible choice




That is what I want from you