One to infinity

The sky is the limit, some masters would say



The dream of many is to hold a harem of them, one for every trait, for every need, for every mood



Skipping over your ability to get those that you want, where does it stop




When do you say it is enough



It all depends mostly on your involvement with your slaves



Let’s consider that for you to consider him to be a slave, he has to come visit you for an hour or two during the day, once a year



If you have 4 hours to spare every day, then theoretically you could have 730 of them (or 732 once every 4 years if you are into watch making or just being a douche bag)



But such a view is unreal and unsatisfying, as you will not have any time to enjoy your possessions



In fact, most likely you won’t even be able to remember their names, real or fictional



If you spend all your time perfecting and correcting those that serve you, then most likely you will just one slave will be enough to take away all of your time




My answer to this dilema is



To make the best choice possible



There is no reason to have many, when you can have one that fulfills you



Slaves have different demands, according to the stage they are in



The more they demand, the less time you will have to give to others



The more independent a slave can be, the more slaves you can sustain



It becomes even easier when you establish a line of seniority amongst them, with one slave teaching another, correcting faults and grooming their juniors



But every slave requires a minimum of attention that has to be given to him



To guide and to show him that he has a place in his Master’s life



Even if that space is small and confined, physically and mentally



When that space for the slave in his Master’s life is non existent, then you may find out that, sooner or later, he will search out for a place of his own with someone else pulling his leash



The most important rule is that fulfillment should be found in what you do, whatever part you take



There is no impediment for a Master to hold on many slaves, as long as He can hold on to them



There is nothing to be won in having slaves fighting amongst themselves for the time to be with their Master



There should be only one thing in their minds



How they can serve Him