Perfectly imperfect

There is a common goal among us



The aim for perfection



Some feel that they should be as perfect as they can be in the role that they play in their lives



The perfect mother, the perfect father, the perfect worker, the perfect player




Some think that their physique should be perfect



Working out in the fields, in the gym, for hours and hours on end



Others feel that those images that society projects on them is false, unrealistic, unsatisfactory



And aim for the reverse, the opposite of what society wants



Untouched becomes marked, inked, deformed



Clean becomes dirty, unsafe, unsound, soiled



Pleasure becomes pain, destructive, pervasive



Conscious becomes unconscious, numbed, diluted, polluted



Guided becomes unguided, drawn, led, taken, forced



Freedom becomes bound, constrained, restrained




What is right and what is wrong, you may ask



It is hard to say



Even I, who has played the game for so long, am taken for these thoughts



But there is purpose in my actions



And there is consent on both parties



Where nothing happens without it



There is mutual pleasure in what we do, for you as the receiver and for me as the taker, even if some of that pleasure does not comes from what your body feels but from what your mind fulfills




There is no one other than me that will judge what I do as to its righteousness or wrongness



In you, I will only judge if what you ask is what you truly want and that you are able to fulfill your part of that desire




From there, only one path is ahead of us



The path of Master and slave



With one chain connecting both parties until the end of the contract




There will not be the perfect scene at the end, filled with flowers, greens and the sunset at the back



Most likely it will be one of chaos, dirt, sweat and cum around us




But there will be a smile in both our faces



And that makes everything right