Infinity to one

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one



The serial slave



One that tries to please, appease and belong to all



Something close to the multiplication of the breads



Breaking one piece to make of it a full loaf



Seems like the solution to World hunger



But it is more of an illusion



There is only one of you



And your Master is as big as a world



How could He feel interest in having just a piece of you



Even worse if he is getting just a piece of a piece



Is He getting the best part or the worst part



If you saw on the shelf of the supermarket a hand broken half a loaf of bread selling itself for the regular price



Would you buy it



Would you buy it even if it were sold on discount



Most likely not



Even if you were really really hungry



It feels unfair that you have the opportunity to learn and live so much with those that surround you


But you can’t learn from them all without making those hand tricks to fool the eye



Playing that game will only make you lose everything when you are found out



My advice is for you to consider being only of one



Or not accepting the part of being owned until you are sure that it is the correct path for you



Treat your Master with the reverence He deserves



Show Him that He is the one for you



The only one for you



The right one for you



And He will show you that you are not mistaken in your choice