Behind the image

The fact that I find you pretty does not mean that I find you suitable


And you will think the same of me


It is true that I have many qualities that may appeal to you


But I am sure that in your mind, it would be even better if I were also X, Y and Z


But I am not


And even if I were, I will not stay the same forever


I am not a mummy nor a vampire


I will grow old, decay and die


We all will


Only wine and whiskey get better with age


I may grow in knowledge and experience, but whatever I am now will not improve my looks and abilities


More restrictions will come, with less stamina, diminished strength and even less sexual desire


It is possible to pretend that this is not the case, with magic creams, pills and drinks, but you cannot escape the reality that surrounds us


We are all finite beings


And what was once overflowing will become a small stream, before it dries up and stops


Even if, by the time this is published, I am still in the summer of my life, I am aware of my calendar and the change of seasons ahead of me and of those that surround me


And that is why I have to think about what a permanent contract will mean for the both of us


When I say I take someone permanently, that means that I accept you and the calendar that you bring and that for as long as you have the strength and the ability to serve me, that place at my feet is still there for you to take


That there is a place for you to be mine in every sense of the slave life you seek, be that of a wondering nomad seeking the oasis of a life in the desert or the place where you lock yourself to never be free


Everyone has limits and whatever they may be, you have to be aware of them as well as I do


And whatever offer I make, being it a weekend or something more overwhelming that is set, I know what it involves, sometimes to the most minute details


Being your permanent Master means accepting both what you are now as what you will be


Being my permanent slave means that you accept it in the same way


That as my strength disappears, you will still want to feel my chain on your neck, the taste of my skin and my commands in your ears, guiding you on your path, giving meaning to your life


That you will continue being mine when the hornyness is gone and that whatever task I give that you can perform will give you as much joy as my cock entering your ass


It is a hard choice to make, but one I will never force upon no one


It is something that will depend on you alone to start and to accept the consequences of such a path


The bigger the difference of age between us, the most likely we will face such a scenario


Accepting that one day I will watch you leave to never be in contact again, leaving me in a position where I will forever be unaware of what happened


Or that my words will be gone without an ending to the story, without an end date to the contract that you once signed


It is never an easy path to belong to someone


As it is not to hold on to those that I take


One choice that I do not and will not regret making


One choice that I expect you will not regret as well


One choice that we will make worthwhile for as long as we can


As Master and slave