In the real of physics, potential energy is the energy held by an object because of its position relative to other objects, stresses within itself, its electric charge, or other factors


In slaves there is also potential


To learn

To experiment

To build

To shape

To become


I do not doubt that

But I reserve to myself the right to doubt the commitment you may have to achieve that


Thinking about what you want to become is easy


Speaking about is trivial


But from there, it gets harder and harder


To plan how events will unfold

To start the path of transformation

To commit to that


I do not doubt my own abilities to make you change


But I am not here to force you to be that which you do not want to be


To take by force that which you are not willing to give by your own free will

Your own feet will bring you to me


And they will take you back if you decide not to proceed


My place is to inspire you to do more

To be more


And any benefit that I may gain will only come when you finish your training and you make your final choice


Don’t think that it is all fun and games for me or that the fun I can have with you is enough to make up for what I put in


After accounting for what was earned from having you and subtracting the work done before you came and after you go, the result is almost always negative


What balances the sheet in the end is you


When you are able to demonstrate that you can improve yourself with what you learn


When you come closer to realizing your full potential in my hands, as you move from the current position you are now to the one that I will guide you


Not because I want you to do so


But because you want it


With all that you are


With all that you want to be