A Master for all

Let’s do some math



On a good day in recon, there are 80000 active profiles



If each and every single one wrote me a message asking me for a session and I accepted



What would be of me



I would not have a single day to rest until the end of my days on this Earth



Some would say that I would be the greatest Master that ever existed



I would fill every ass and mouth with my cock



My dirty underwear and socks would be so worn out inside your mouths that they would melt away as you tasted them



My shoulders would be covered in shit from all the asses that my arms would fist



All slaves would be white as snow from all my seed that would rain over them



It would be a curious and funny scenario



Me becoming the initiation ritual for all slaves on this planet




Considering that I would be common ground amongst all, why would anyone want to come to me



What would make me special




In the same way, what value would you have to me, if I accepted anyone that wanted to be mine



How would I be able to appreciate your worth against all others that came before you or that would come afterwards



But luckily or not, this is not the case



Therefore I will not be bothered if you ignore me



I will not be sad if you do not feel seduced by my calling




There is no obligation on your visit




I will only take those that come by their own free will



Filled with desire and commitment to completing the task they set themselves for



Those that can recognize the value of what I offer and are willing to pay the price for such a privilege



Those that find me special




In the same sense, I expect you to not be sad if I ignore a cruise



Or if I reply to your message saying that I am not interested in training you



I have no obligation to take all




So I can choose



In the same way that you are doing



For one that can fit what I can and want to offer




Someone that can grow to its full potential in my hands



Someone that can add value to my life



Someone that I will find to be special




As my gift will not be able to touch all



My message will not be able to enter everyone’s heart



And my hands won’t be able to change all




But if in you they can



You will be special