A present to remember

The festive season is approaching, as it usually does every year


The lights, the music, that merry mood


Constantly trying to enter your mind


If you seek a moment of relief from all that


Something that you can keep hidden from all that can take you away during those boring events that your family forces you to attend


Then I have something for you


In my book you will be able to find 35 unpublished books covering fascinating themes such as


A… B… C… D… S… M… & BDSM Nirvana – What BDSM is all about


Your place as a slave – The words that can guide you into this world


The slave’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities – The terms that can protect you


A slave’s prayer – A two-sided prayer for both slave and Master


Dualities: The BDSM partners – How BDSM could mix and spice your life as a couple


Ode to the masochist – The darkness fantasy for the masochist in you


And many more


Always accompanied by my comments into how those posts came to be and the messages that are said, but not written that perhaps one day you may have read, but never truly understood


Besides a chance to read about my story and how I became a Master


All this packaged in a format that you can take anywhere


If you seek the right present to take into the coming year


This could be what you truly need