Looking back

Once in a while a moment of reflection is needed to sort out all that was lived and directions are set, or realigned, to the new destinations that can be seen ahead


For me this moment comes at the end of the year, before the birth of the new one


More than a new year commitment, it is the clearing of the mind so that all that comes in the future can be seen fresh, unpolluted, new


And events can be seen both by the size of the accomplishments and we’ll as the meaningless that they sometimes are


This year saw the breaking of a chain that I thought could last forever, that could not widstand my hand and faded as the wind blew it away


Dreams were tasted that proved to be either too big or too small to what could be offered, at least when compared to the perception of those that brought them


New landscapes were seen and lived, new flavors were tasted, horizons were broadened


Old paths were cleared to become usable again, strengthened and widened for new and bigger things to cross


New paths that showed themselves at first timid and short, proved themselves to be brave and with willpower to go further than I ever thought


And current paths continued to prove themselves reliable to depend on, strong and unrelenting to their Master’s desires


Long term objectives were set and set in motion


My book became a tangible reality


A thought that gained shape, to enlighten and arouse those that read it


And much more to come in the coming year


The year 2020 will bring some changes to my usual activities, with more time pledged to those that already serve me


A new book to come out if all goes well


And changes to the blog, both in shape and content, to be seen soon


For those that have already set themselves on my path in the coming year, I will be here to take you


To those that seek my words, they will continue to flow as before


And for all I give you my wish of a good entry in 2020


Make some good wishes for the coming year


Perhaps one of them I may grant you




Master Joseph