Lighting the switch


I am a sub, but I can also switch


How many times I have seen this


A strange sentence in many ways


As it is stating the obvious



I am passive, but I can also be active


As long as you can get a hard-on on that cock of yours, you can do it


I am a slave, but I can also be a master


As long as you can set your mind to it, I have no doubt about it



Being a master or a slave is not something born from the blessings of the gods


It is a personal choice


It is finding out what can give you the most pleasure, what can fulfil you more and going with it



Being a switch should not be about having a fail-safe mechanism that triggers in when things go wrong with being a slave


Nor should it be something that kicks in when you can’t find a proper master to play with, something born out of desperation or boredom


Being a slave is enjoying being under the rule of another person


Allowing yourself to take pleasure of that loss of control, of the multitude of feelings and emotions that come and overcome you


Of pleasuring another, but feeling pleasure as if it were your own


Of feeling lost, but safe in another persons’ arms



Being a master is being able to provide that to the one you rule over



As for the switch, it is about playing these roles with all your heart and feeling pleasure in both variations


Like with the light bulbs, the longer it is lit, the brighter it will be


So aim to maintain that brightness as much as you can


And remember to shine the way that you like