The search

What are you searching for


Maybe a master to show me my place



Maybe is not a direction, nor an action


It is an half thought intention


A random desire thrown out in the air


Not enough to know what you want to do with me


Nor how much of yourself do you intend to give me



Many mention say that they want to be slaves


But not that they want to be my kind of slave



Many say that they want to be owned


But not state for how long and in what format



Some say they want to be owned with no turning back


But not state what sacrifices they are willing to make to arrive at that stage



You will not turn into a slave in a second


At the flick of a switch or even with one session



You will not be owned as if you were plucked out of a shelf


Like a bag of chips


Open and ready to eat



It is just too naive to think in such a fashion, something born from an immature and inexperienced mind


Things take time and need to be constructed step by step



The question “what are you searching for” is always applicable


Independently of what you have written before as a presentation to all


It was never meant for me


As I was not known to you prior to any chat we started or will start in the future



Our conversation will only start after you present yourself


Perhaps you are in doubt as to what else do I want to read, besides what you have already told all the rest



So let me explain to you



Tell me words that make me do actions


But even more important


That they will be well applied in you



If all you have for me are inconsequential words


Then my action towards you is the demand that you read my words


So that you know what is expected of you


Physically and mentally


The rewards and the costs of your desires


The commitment you have to put it you ever want them to become a reality



I am an open book


And I expect the same of you


From the first moment of contact



If you come to me bearing the most basic of doubts


We are wasting both our times



From knowledge comes power


How can you give me any of them


When you don’t even understand what you seek



Take the time to examine what we both want


And prepare yourself for the question you will face


As you will only have one chance to make it work with me