There are two approaches that you can take to this trial of solitude


One is to make that solitude a punishment imposed on you


To be a prisoner, secluded from a world that you don’t deserve to live in


The sentence passed for the crime you didn’t commit



The other is to accept it as a trial


A proof to yourself of your commitment to what you believe




To survive this event, all you have to do is sit on the corner with your arms and legs folded


And wait


But it is not just the body that has to survive


The mind as to do so as well



It needs a stimulus


Something to fight for


Objectives to set yourself to


To push you forward



And where could they come from, you may ask


If you look closely, they are already exist


The things you said to yourself that you would do when you had the time



Learning a new language


Fixing the house


Finishing that puzzle that is kept on top of a shelf


Training that body of yours to reach the set of abs you always wanted


Trying out the toys that have been kept unused


Finding the special one to whom you would feel proud to use them for




It is true that you may not be able to meet Him now


It is true that you do not have the challenge of showing yourself to the world as a slave



But you have the chance to know what it is to live a life with only one focus


Sheltered from all other distractions that your life usually has


That you can truly be His in body and mind



Use this time to prove to yourself and to the one for whom you want to surrender


That you can make every moment of isolation


Into a task in His service



Perfecting yourself in every way


Being happy living only for Him




Making every second that passes a proof of your submission


Transforming that prison into your moment of release


Strengthening the bond of Master and slave


Not letting time and distance push you further apart