Footprint in the sand


There are moments when we feel big


And there are moments when we feel small


Small, not because we did not achieve anything


But because even when we achieved something


If we were able to build a life


Live it


And succeed in it


In the end it doesn’t matter


When we look beyond what our eyes can see



Some may think that I am here to boast about what I have done


I know it is just a drop in the ocean



Many have done more


And more intensely that I have done or will do


And many that will come after me


Will do more and live more than I will do in this lifetime


But again it does not matter



So you may ask


What does matter



We are finite beings in this world


We are destined to live and to die


And our footprint in the sand will not last long


And even if it did


When they look at it


They will never know the man who planted it


Or why that step was taken



That step will only matter to you


As you are the one who planted it on the floor


The reasons you did it is yours alone


And whatever benefit you get out of doing it


Is only yours to claim if you want



I never said that any step you take should be towards me


My goal is and always will be


That you find fulfillment in doing it



That you find your happiness at the end of your journey


With or without me at your side


But that the knowledge that I have imparted to you


Has made you stronger and more committed


To that step you have set for yourself


So that you can achieve it with pride



That you can cherish those memories that were shared


And use them to give you the strength when you most need it




That step


Big or small


Doesn’t matter




What matters is






Find your happiness while you can


As this world will not wait for you




My prayers to those who will have to fight in this battle


My prayers to those who will lose this fight


My prayers to those who will have to remember those who have been lost




Corona 2020