Trial discount

You go to a local market and look at the fruit


They all look nice


So nice that you can’t seem to make up your mind on what to buy



You ask the salesman for a piece to try out


He cuts down the fruit, puts it on a plate and you eat it



If you enjoy eating one, you buy an amount


Otherwise, you can go to another stand and do the same




I would like to tell you that I am a fruit salesman


But that is not my case


I am buying and not selling



I have no interest in one more notch on my wall


I do not want a piece of ass


Nor do I give out a cock to fill you out



What I want is a full package


I want a slave in body and mind for a period that is enough to quench my hunger


I want to have him for the minimum amount of time that I find sufficient


As well as what it means to live it under my rule


I want an experience long enough to make it worth the planning required for the event to happen


As well as something worth the trip that you will have to take to reach me



A single slice does not make my hunger diminish nor will it make yours


As for those that think that you need to go for a short session before delving deeper


Be warned that my offer may not fit you


I have done too many of those to get satisfaction out of them


With few exceptions in the near past



To those that are afraid of not liking or not being able to get pleasure out of such event


I leave you with these words



Your mindset should be to succeed in this endeavor


As this event will happen for our mutual pleasure


Be it physical or mental



You are coming to fulfil your deepest wishes in the way I choose to shape


I will be here to guide you and not to force you into something you do not want to become



Aim to succeed and not to fail


And I will make it worth your trust