The genie


Found in the deepness of its lair


There is one that hides from the crowd


Not because he fears them


He fears no one


But because there is no allure to come out


To roam amongst the commoners that drown in their simple ideas


Shrouded in fears and desires that offer nothing that can arouse



He hides in darkness to not be bothered


But is still found out


By few that know of his existence



Why would someone seek him out


If there is no billboard to promote


Or even a bell to ring



He can perform magic


Make your darkest wishes come true



If you are willing to live in his world


That can become your world


He can be where you live


What you dress


What you touch











He can be both what you most adore


As well as your worst nightmare



The transformer


The taker


Whose touch can both kill


As well as make you alive



Few have the strength to summon him


Success hangs on the edge of the knife


And failure provides a path of no return



Nothing can stand in his way


Capable of moving mountains to fit his needs


Capable of sending anyone to his knees with a whisper


Unrelenting on those he grabs


If they are the object of his fury


Or of his desire



What magic can he do to you


With you


For you



The most ancient and powerful one


Made with moving bodies


With gestures that make no symbols


With sounds that make no words


With touches that go beyond the skin


Reaching both your heart and your mind



What can you offer him in exchange for your prize


As everything has a price


Specially that which no one else in the world can offer



He has no interest in material possessions


Titles, tales or songs


He has no fancy for bodies


He has seen and touched many


More than one could touch in a lifetime



But he likes dreams and spells


As well as canvas where those two can mix


Where they can form and transform


Both the canvas


As those who see it



Making the body freeze


The blood boil


With sweat running down your face


Stuck between running away


And letting yourself surrender to such sight


Until cast into stone you become



If after all these warnings


You still decide to try your luck


What do you need to do



Empty your canvas so he can paint on it


Give him your dream so he can play with it


Create a spell that can bind you to him


And if he recognises the power of that spell


He will use it to take you



To empty yourself is somewhat easy


To give your dream is even more


But what of that spell


How can that be made



Such spell starts in you


No specific words need to be spoken


But every single one has to be imbued with meaning


Powered by every emotion in your body


To be as strong as the toughest metal


Soft as the softest silk


Bright as the brightest star in the sky


Capable of shining in the darkness that it will invoke


Capable of arousing anyone that it touches


Capable of surviving in the harshest conditions for a lifetime



If you can do this


If you can make this


He will welcome you in


To take you and break you



To shape you in the shape of your dream


Chained to a will that will not let you go