Writing on the wall

Gather around me



Oh mourners of dead cows



Embodiments of hellish air



And so many more



Hear the warning of this man



Old and antique by current standards



But still alive with open eyes



As you close yours amongst the flock




You brand yourself in ancient symbols



Worshiping gods long gone



From those that fight for victory



Or worship the sun, the earth or the sea



I do not mind that you do it



But that you do it without care



And lose yourself in the process



Exchanging life for little things





Life is made of time



And time wasted to make money



That you use to dress yourself



In so many pretty things



The sacrifice that you offer



To become what you are not



Is not wasted, be sure of that



As it is from belief that they live




You make magic from the words



That you use to brand yourself



A bike to become a biker



A pig, a dog and so many more




But that magic has a price



That is not to be discarded



It is not just what is on the tag



That you pay at the checkout




You lose yourself and your identity



Without even knowing why



That you cling yourself to that shape



Color, smell, texture or taste




The more you give, the more they live



Until they rule over your life



On temples of images and sounds



Made by their most faithful devotees




You may ride the wave like all the rest



But open your eyes as you do



As it can grow beyond control



And damn yourself for ever more




Live free or in chains



Who am I to disagree



I also chain body and soul



But only bind those that are free




Do you prefer to tie yourself



To someone live and with purpose



Or lose purpose on things to be



That is what I want to see




So don’t play dumb as you have been warned



Of what will come to be



I am not here to make your choices



I am here to set you free