Directions and misdirections

you ask for my cock but you show me yours


what am I going to do with it…




you ask for an experienced master


but you know so little…




you ask to be undressed and taken


but you dress so tight…




you ask to be taken and raped


but you seek to be loved…




you ask to be a slave


but demand control…




you want to be fucked like a whore


but your ass is tight as a worm’s hole…




you ask for a greek god to take you


but you are small and frail…




you ask for pictures of this world and the next


but you show nothing of you…




you demand I read your text


but there are no words written that truly matter…




you want something so big


but your mind is so small…








break yourself from your own set rules


and enjoy what comes your way




close your eyes and let go


when you have someone that catches you




if you fall and hurt yourself


someone will come to pick you up




and if not


you will rise and walk again




because that is as life works


in its own mysterious ways


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