Spanking and good night

I come near your bed not to gloat, humiliate or bruise what is already bruised



I come here to tell you a story, perhaps a bedtime story, or maybe not, but nevertheless something for you to take into your sleep, to think and reflect as your head floats in the clouds like a child



As someone once told me, what you say is true and it explains what happened but it does not justify why it happened



It is true that it may explain in detail the reasons that in the end led you to fail in fulfilling the command



Nevertheless failure deserves punishment as you forgot for whom you were supposed to accomplish it and the implications of your failure in my life, even if by a mere second



Know that your failure meant my loss, both as your Master and Owner as well as your Teacher



As your Master you failed a direct command given by me and agreed by you as you said “yes Master”



As your Owner as you behaved as a brat, thinking your actions have no effects in anyone’s life



As your Teacher as the effort spent in educating you for you to become what you are now seems to have been misplaced, to say the least




Never forget



you are Mine



you are not the stray dog that I picked up from the street, roaming the bins looking for food, pissing on corners and sleeping on the cold floor



you have been shaved, pruned and groomed into what you are now and my collar hangs around your neck for all to see



you are not sleeping somewhere, but in a place next to me, sharing the same roof as I



you eat from My food and have been nurtured from the knowledge that I shared



And you accepted this by your own free will, knowing that everything would have consequences, both the good and the bad




It is true my hand flashes in your ass



It is true that I made you cry



It is true that you did the best that you could



But you failed me nevertheless




As you think about what you did




Remember that even if the beating was hard, you still sleep on the same place next to me



Remember that you will have the chance to prove yourself to my expectations and be rewarded by your successes




It was not some other’s hands that touched your flesh but Mine



It was not to a stranger that you screamed and begged for forgiveness, but to Me



And it will still be Me the one that teaches you how to be able to achieve the goals I have set for you and I am sure you are able to do, even if you doubt in yourself and in your own abilities




you can do better



I believe in you



Sleep tight