March to discord

I roam this earth for as long as you do



I was bred, born and nurtured by a kind mom as you did



I had teachers that taught me that the world was round, the name of cities, rivers and seas



I learned the stories of those that came before me, their ideals and hopes for those who would rise up to be the new men and women after them



I gained knowledge to earn a part in society with a specific trade to become useful



And I learned what is to be expected of me to fit into the frame of those that live in it




But I chose to be different




I looked into it all and found it too gray, too tasteless, too fake



I chose to break away from the format of the bread that comes from the oven




I chose to be me




I do not care you call me a faggot, a freak, or a pervert for doing what I like, with whom I like, whenever I feel like



I can see, not the shame in your face, but the envy for the way I chose to live, free from all that clutter you call a life



It is by my own choice that I dress to impress, that I dress to provoke, that I dress to arouse



And that is how you find me now, with your neurons trying to figure out how I stand as I do before you




My mouth tastes rancid as my tongue found an ass to lick



My butt cheeks further apart from the fist that was rammed into it with the product you use to spread on your morning bread



My boots filled with the piss from a pass over at a local toilet where your husband went



My pants dirty from both my own cum and from your upstairs neighbor, that godlike creature that you put so high above the rest




But the thought of what happened transcends what your wildest imagination can dream of




I may look corrupted beyond repair



But I feel happy and fulfilled




And that is why you call me deviant



I deviate from the norm that binds you, from the rules that surround you, that never have been written and never will be



But this world is big enough for us both



As long as you are there, there will be a reason for me to be what I am now



So go on on your morning walk, feed the dog and walk the children, or whatever you pretend to like doing



Feel free to walk away from me as you are doing right now, trying your best to put up a facade to hide what you truly think and feel



With that putrid smile you say good morning



And with my number one framed smile I say goodnight



I am off to find my bed



If no one sexy comes my way