Locked in the circle of life, we are born, we age and we die



No one can escape that



The measurement of age is based in years, that is, the number of times that the earth has rotated around the sun, from a specific point in it’s trajectory, until it resumes that relative point in space




If you measure that as the number of times the earth revolves around you, you are waaay too old to be reading, or even to be alive



Ashes to ashes, dust to dust



May mother Earth accept in its bosom what the living cannot




Time can be divided into smaller portions, such as months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, to infinite fractions of the second




I suppose you don’t know the milliseconds of your date of birth, do you



I don’t know either… and I don’t care




Time can be aggregated in bigger units, such as quarters of centuries, centuries, millennium and eons



But as some Albert once said, time is relative, based on our perception of it



Apart from the international measurement units there are also relative units of measurement, based on the average living standard for your country and the current time that you lived in and on the age you have, compared to the one you are measuring



For the caveman, being able to achieve 35 would be to be considered old as in the their twenties most would die from sickness, spoiled or poisonous food or the occasional encounter with a beast that would feast on their flesh



In a thousand years, if mankind still exists, we will probably be able to be achieve the millennium mark and the oldest living men that inhabits the Earth at this moment would be nothing more than a newborn to him




The birthday celebration of a millennial man would be a problem with the cake as it would be more candle than actual cake




As for your personal perception of time, it is not hard to grasp



As a rule of thumb, anyone with less than a quarter of your current age would be considered young and a quarter above would be considered old




I leave you with this small mathematical example (even if you failed elementary school you should be able to grasp this with a cheap pocket calculator or your dumbphone) 



For someone with the current age of 12,


Young < 12 – 12 / 4


Old > 12 – 12 / 4


being young would fall under 9 and old above 15



For someone with the current age of 21,


Young < 21 – 21 / 4


Old > 21 + 21 / 4


being young would fall under 14 and old above 26



For someone with the current age of 40,


Young < 40 – 40 / 4


Old > 40 + 40 / 4


being young would fall under 30 and old above 50



For someone with the current age of 60,


Young < 60 – 60 / 4


Old > 60 + 60 / 4


being young would fall under 45 and old above 75



Based on these examples, for the juvenile out there searching for someone your age would mean searching within a 12 year age interval



As for someone like me would be within a 20 year interval



Considering the age at which gays begin to come out and the current average population age, my chances of finding someone if I used such criteria would mean a much better chance to find the one



But I don’t use that rule, luckily for some, as my age range is much bigger than that




There are three criteria for calculating age:


– Legal – the number of years passed since the birth date inscribed on your identity card


– Physical – based on your bodily appearance where does it fit when compared to the general population


– Mental – based on the way that you act, talk and do when compared to the rest



The first age is binding, while the other two are subject to personal interpretation




As a curiosity, the age on my profile and blog is my real legal age (I update it every year)




At this current time (2017/08/09), doing a self examination, I would calculate on the three criteria as:


– Legal as 40 years old


– Physical as 30 years old (could easily pass as that age, shaven and with my hair dyed, if one day I decided to do that)


– Mental as at least 100 years old (I sometimes think I am too old for what I see around me)


Doing an average of the three criteria would put me at about 57 years



Using this same criteria with a case I got some time ago:


– Legal as 50


– Physical as 55 (looked older than he actually was)


– Mental as 14 (behaved as a kid)


That gives the average age of 40 years, which is what he had posted on his profile



So doing a correlation, I would say that this is the reason why there seems to be such an age difference between the profile and reality



That reason being a matter of different criteria… or as they say, lying with all the teeth of their mouth




Nevertheless regarding the age interval for the age of 56 the age range would be somewhere between 42 and 70… which incidentally is very close to those that I have been more attracted to in these past few years



But nothing is written in stone



Some stones hide brute diamonds waiting to be cut and shaped, while others just hide… some loose screws




Placing limits on those you seek is what it is



Placing limits



Limits exist to be tested and broken



And amongst those that make no sense to me are age, race and nationality



To deny yourself the chance to know someone based on only these three criteria seems unreasonable



After knowing you may say yes or no, but to shut yourself to the possibility will just be your loss




Everyone has something to offer that may or may not fit into what you want and need



Serious and experienced masters are usually older as experience comes with time and trial, which not always correlates to their legal age



Serious slaves come with a deep introspection as to why they want to be slaves and that can happen even at an early age




There are serious slaves and masters everywhere in the planet



All you have to do is look for them, make a choice and go for it if they fit what you seek




Based on my age, you are still young



But I will welcome your contact nevertheless