I believe everyone has in the 21rst century has taken or been in a photo



For those with the happy trigger, specially for those armed with the selfish stick, you may have probably discovered that there is a specific side where you seem to look prettier than all the rest



A specific position of the face, torso, arms and legs where you seem more attractive



A special look that makes you shine



A specific perspective of you



Everyone has different sides to be looked on, appart from the physical



Some sides look pretty at first glance, while others do not



You are a person of different sides, and each side has something that makes it shine



The biggest difficulty is finding it



You may hate that side of you, or you may love it



But it is yours nevertheless



Have you ever been in a situation where you do something that you think is awful and not worth the time you are spending, but that someone else thinks it is awesome and praises you for that accomplishment



It is not only mirrors that can provide a different look on what you are



People can do that as well




The same happens with you being a slave




You may think you are worthless and only good enough to be used as a doormat




But there is something in you that catches my eye



That you accept to be made weak although being strong



That you deny yourself a personality to become what I want you to be



That you reject having a life just to be able to live in mine



That you are able to endure the pain, discomfort, torture and humiliation for my own satisfaction




Make me like that side of you




And make that side shine