The worthless slave

There are many slaves out there that consider themselves worthless


That they are but a mere piece of meat, to be beaten and hung to dry on an empty space


Lost to never be found


Nothing could be further from the truth



In my eyes all slaves have value


Even if you don’t see it



Not everything you do in your life will be worth something


In fact, that is probably the reason why you seek the no-return path


But some abilities that you possess can be used



They can be given direction, purpose



The most important of them all





With that in your hand, new paths can be formed and new skills can be learned


To make you a valuable piece for your Master



It is your usefulness that makes you stay at His side


It you were not worth something, why would anyone want to take you, feed you and spend time with you



The life of a slave should be one of achievements and the fight to reach them


For your Master



The only worthless slave in my list is the one that, given the chance to become all that he desires, denies himself that path



Life is made of choices


Choose well


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