The five stages of slavery – The dream

Ladies and gentlemen, masters and slaves


A good evening to you all


I am the Maïtre of this show, the greatest show on Earth


A show that will make your heart jump in your chest, your knees tremble with fear and the sweat run through your body like a river


The main actor in this show is a beast, caught from the deepest hole… so deep it seems to touch hell


A beast wild and untamed



It may seem like a normal human, but do not be mistaken by its appearance


Inside that body lies something dangerous, waiting to come out to devour you all


Even without pointy teeth, its bite would bruise your flesh and consume your heart


It is a scary show, but do not be afraid


A cage protects the audience from the beast… or perhaps the beast from the audience



And how did this beast come to be, you may ask…


Then come around and listen to the story



From the mind of a man came a dream


A bitter and sweet dream that resembles a nightmare



In this dream he is lost in the darkness


That darkness has a life and a form, that surrounds and envelops his body like a blanket





Taking the breath away



He fights it, but the more he fights the more it binds


He fights and fights until he cannot fight anymore



And he lets go



The darkness ends


The body becomes free


The dream ends



Lights return as the dark embrace vanishes


It’s taste remains in his mouth



He does not know whether he likes it or not. But he knows he wants to try it again



And the story unfolds



Where it stops you will discover… soon enough



In the next stage – rebellion


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