The five stages of slavery – Rebellion

Ladies and gentlemen


Masters and slaves


Welcome back



In the previous stage you have listened to the dream where it all began



The seed was planted in fertile land



The rain falls



The cold shapes it like frosted splinters that cut the flesh of those unaware



The time is winter in the heart



Did the seed grow inside the beast or did it die out in such an hostile condition



Now I will tell you


So gather around and listen to the story of the beast



Having tasted the bitter sweet dream time after time, he discovers that the flavor is both addictive and poisonous


A thought is enough to make a heart race and the insides boil both in fear and anticipation of what is to come


This poison feels like an itch that doesn’t stop, scratching both body and mind


To the point where the skin is cut and blood flows from the open wound



He is left with the choice of letting it bleed outside or inside


No other choices remain



This beast decided to let the dream blossom like the wild flower it was


He gave it a pretty vase where it could grow, a place in the wardrobe for it to hide and a check list to keep itself busy


A list of requirements for the dream to come out and devour him



Then he closed the door


Returning to his normal life



Time passed



His life became a duality


Half a life outside the closet


Half a life in the closet playing with dreams



In the last half he amused himself dressing up in costumes and checking out if what is needed has been met by anyone


But none to be found


The shape of the dream does not match what can be found in the real world



To keep the dream happy, more toys are bought until the wardrobe is full



Nevertheless the dream begins to wither


Dreams cannot come true with mere play


They have to be lived or they die out



He could not let it die or he would die with it


That dream is a part of him now


The skin inside the skin


The true face behind the mask that he takes into the world



He decides to open the door and takes it out to play


As he does not want the dream to change, he changes the reality in which the dream will be lived


He shapes the form where it will all happen



A special type of cage


A specific type of clothing


The way the Master physically should be


The way He should perform


The words He should say



He gave the dream a shackled freedom


He gave his Master an undesirable servant


Satisfying none and wasting time


Setting himself for failure


To keep in his mind that he was trying, when he truly was not



What a beast indeed



This play continues time after time


Always giving the dream a smaller cage than it could fit


A marathon with no finish line


Just a run with no end in sight



What is left for the dream is frustration and anger


As a wild beast with no cage to hold and hungry for sustenance, it begins its fight against the one that holds it down


Destroying the barrier between worlds


Seeking more time out and more freedom to move



The dream is already too big to be held down


It does not fit a closet


It does not even fit a house



Still shacked to its owner, the dream pulls the beast away and drags it over the streets


Seeking the key to the chains that bind its actions



Will this be the end for the beast, to be devoured by his dream in an unknown location


It is up to you to find out


On the next stage



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