I want my master to fuck me hard while I’m on poppers


I want my master to get a gang to rape me until I get wasted


I want my master to dress me up in full leather


I want my master to turn me into a gimp and keep me like that 24/7


I want my master to to be strong, muscled, 2m high, dressed in leather, with a shiny pair of boots


I want my master to…



To those that come this way


I leave you with my words



I will not be more than what I am


I will not ask you to be more than what you are


I will not give more than what I have


Nor will I get more than what you can give



I will not set you on the moon


As where I live is on this earth


I will not transform you into what you are not


As you will have to be what I now seek



So I will not become what you want me to be


As what you see is all you will get from me



I am not here to dress you in a lie


I am here to uncover your truth


That deep inside you are a slave


That the Master in me suits you



And that is my one and only offer


Otherwise, my best wishes to you





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