What, why, where, how

Over the many years that I have been a Master, I have traveled through the minds of many slaves



Probing, exploring and experimenting



The first thing that I learned is that this game is not a “one size fits all”, or even a “one size fits most”



Every slave is different and what makes one tick, will make another freeze or run away



As such you have probably noticed if you read the blog up to this post, there are variations in the way themes are presented, ranging from the softest kink to the extreme bdsm



You may ask where do I stand in this



I could tell you that I stay in the middle, but I have to say that I have gone through the full range within the limits I have set



My motivation is the challenge that you may offer me in turning you into what I want as a slave, more than just a score board of “done this, done that”




If I still played that way, I would have already quit this Game, as my board has no more items to add




There is a saying that says that if you only have a hammer, every problem is a nail




Luckily my repertoire is bigger than “just a hammer” in my way of submitting you



But what should be used to bend you into submission, you may ask



If I can bend you with a feather, I will use it



If I can use a rope for that purpose, I will use it



If I have to rip the clothes off your body and use my full strength to pin you to the cold floor to make you obey me, I will do it




It comes from experience to know how much is enough



What can work without going beyond what you can take



Sometimes it may seem too soft



But if your knees still shake and your mind still works in overdrive exploring every emotion that flowed



Then my goal was achieved



This game is not about returning home bruised and battered, the number of times you were fucked or the amount of pain you were able to withstand



It is about the way you let yourself go in my hands, the way you are able to extract yourself from your surroundings to focus on me and on my satisfaction



Only then will you be able to feel pleasure from playing it



A slave exists to serve



And everything you feel should be for that purpose



Expose yourself as far as you are able to take it and I will be pleased by your service



Be that to a feather tickling your feet, a drop of wax sliding through your ribs, a jolt of electricity in your balls or my cock fucking your ass




It does not matter



As long as you take it for me



So come with the will to be changed and I will change you



And give purpose to what you want to feel