A visit to the doctor

I have an itch that I cannot scratch



That keeps me awake throughout the night



If I try to get it out



It hides too deep for me to find




Perhaps by candle light with my hands bound in prayer ?



I searched heaven and earth for an answer



Books and scriptures of all religions known



But their words could not even give me comfort



Left with this ailment to face alone




Or so I thought



An obscure doctor told me a way



Unorthodox, but trialed and tested



By many that came before



On the road that I have to follow



The medicine has been prescribed



Bare flesh needs to be exposed



To probe and test where it may hide



Perseverance may be needed



But my sickness has a cure




Or at least hope




All I require is skin and to be bold



So I have to strip myself of all I hold



And prepare myself to do what I am told



As the body needs to feel its touch




And it begins



Skin against skin



Arms stretched and hands closed



Ass straight up and back exposed



The wind whistles in the air




Am I too weak for this to bear ?




Strange words come out of my mouth



Some full sentences or merely sound



But they all have a deeper meaning



Not for you but for me




And what is left you may ask




White becomes red



Pristine becomes tainted



Illusions touch reality



Harsh and strong




But always true



The will to fight goes away



As rain clouds my tired eyes



And I feel a child again



Helpless and unprotected



But safely secured by a strong embrace



I let go of everything



And peace returns to my aching heart



As the itch is now gone



Nowhere to be found




The work is done




I thank the good doctor for this gift



The remedy bitter and hard to swallow



That marked my body and left me hollow



But one I needed most of all



And my cure you may ask




He said a chain on my neck could do it



With a strong hand to pull it



But for now this will suffice



Or maybe it shouldn’t




I await for next itch