Rocking the cage

While some slaves desire the longing of ownership and the peacefulness that comes from a set of chains and orders to follow, others long for the hardness of the cold floor, the set of ropes scrapping and bruising the flesh, the feeling of the sweat rolling from head to toe, in a situation where there are no safe words



All that remains is endurance until the end, when it comes



For those that seek the hottest of fires, that burn the feet of those who walk on it, I leave a very special contract, only given under special request



Letter of Challenge


I, (masochist), offer myself, shackled and chained, in both body and mind, to be used and abused to my Master’s delight


I seek nothing for me, except the pleasure of service and the pain, torture and humiliation under your rule


From my mouth will only come compliance to your order or sounds of the pain I feel under your punishment


I discard all comforts


Food, sleep, clothing will come when you feel I deserve it


I am happy for drinking my Master’s sweat, filling my mouth with my Master’s cock, sleeping at your feet like the dog I am and wearing your chains over my naked body on the cold floor


If I am cold, I will accept your whip to warm my flesh


If I am hot, I will accept the bathing you give me


My rest will come either in the cage where I belong or next to my Master’s body when my mind has been broken and I have no more covers under which to hide myself


I relinquish my rights in exchange for the sweat, screams, cries and tears that you will extract from me


All that I can ask is that I can return in one piece, with no permanent damage or disease


If broken, I am yours forever



The slave