you are furry, I can scrape you smooth



you are weak, I can make you strong



you are strong, I can make you weak



you are fat, I can make you thin



you are thin, I can make you fat



you don’t know, I can teach you



you don’t know yourself, I can teach you



you don’t know me, I can teach you




and make you grow with that knowledge



in due time



but whatever change may come, I will not change what came before



I will only change what comes after




your past made what you are now



and made you come to accept the choice I present




if I erase it from your mind



where is the smile that you will show, with nothing to compare from before



your past is what makes you precious



if it is lost, you will no longer be you



just a mindless beast, guided by pain and pleasure



with no understanding of why it became that way



hiding deep within the desire to escape



only to one day find that what you are running from



is in fact what it always longed to have




so keep that mind of yours in one piece



in there exists a place for me to stay



to caress, poke and tease your thoughts in your moments of rest



to show you why you long for my chain on your neck