Living by expectations

The pretty pictures on a profile can capture my attention but from there there is a long way to go before you enter my place of training



There are traits that I try to find in the slaves I train, which choice come from small details in the conversations we have and that I find a requirement for the success of any slave training



Being polite



While slaves can be animals, they can speak and write as ordinary humans


Nevertheless, until you enter my house my expectation is that you are properly educated and that you can be presented to someone and not make me ashamed by your conduct


If you cannot demonstrate this basic thing in a conversation, little hope is there for any progress as a slave, besides a closed box in the dark forever







Without even a word being spoken, just looking at a slave’s pictures and seeing the age reported is enough to set the precedent that you are comfortable with lying to get what you want



I assume we are all adults with full knowledge of what we do



There is space for everyone in this game, so there is no need for that



Lying to me or to yourself is just setting up a barrier that will not allow you to take the most of what happens between us



Be upfront and truthful in the way you present yourself and the way you speak, if you expect others to do the same for you



Being thankful for the chance of conversation and training



Everybody has limited time to search for what they seek, so it is important to make the most of it



Everyone that you talk to and meet at each stage that you pass by requires your effort and of the ones you are involved with



Don’t belittle that and treat the connections you are making with the importance they deserve



Use that time to build something that lasts so both efforts are not wasted



Clear mind of what you seek



What do you really seek, you may ask



That is not an easy answer and sometimes one that you may probably not even know



The news flash I have for you is that I do not know the answer either



Even when I see the words on a profile “I want to be a slave” or “I am a slave”, I will still ask you the same question



Are you looking for slave training



Being a slave is something much deeper than just a label to wear on your collar, or a tattoo on the body



You may repeat it a thousand times to yourself, but that does not make it true



My path as a Master is providing the experiences for you to discover what means for you to be a slave



That it is an individualized view grown from all the experiences you have to this moment in time



It is within my reach to show you the full range, from the most basic of plays to the most profound and life changing experiences you will ever have



But it will depend on the stage you are and the ability you have to assimilate it



Besides that it has a price you may not be willing to pay



Nothing is free, but it is a trade



I exchange my experiences for your commitment to what you say you want to be



If you are able to perform to my expectations there will be more



If not, you may find a closed door on my side



Don’t offer yourself to something you cannot cope or are not willing to perform



Discover what you want, try and learn what you like and don’t like, step by step, slowly and in confidence



Request advice and explain your experiences to prepare the stage you will enter, one that you are ready to take and explore to the best of your abilities



If you want to try, you may say that you are still taking your first steps and things may fail



Setting the expectations is the best way to live it



So when I say I do slave training, accept it as what it is


A chance for you to be a slave, in my own way, under my own terms, taking into account your limitations, knowing your fears and desires as a tool to shape you into what I see you can become



For that to happen, I will need all the information you can provide in a concise and focused way



Don’t be shy and open yourself to me



I can be the guide to the path you want do take



Removing per-conceived notions



Slaves have different stages and different experiences in their life as a slave



Some of those experiences will be repeated as you try out different masters along your way



I have seen many slaves whose sole objective is a scoreboard: the number of masters he’s been with, the number of lashes he can take, the size of the dildo he was able to put in and so on



BDSM is a full course meal



It has starters, first plate, main course and desert in the end



Being full comes from satisfying both palate and stomach, with each plate fulfilling a specific role on the body



If you focus on only one plate, filling it to the top, you will be full but it will not satisfy you completely



Appreciate the before, the action and the after



There is effort placed in it all by the masters you serve, with each focusing differently in each stage and in a different fashion



Forget what you have done in the past and try everything like it is your first time



You may easily discover that you like it better my way



Letting go



The most difficult thing to achieve



Everyone has the need to have a purpose in their life



I will add one a small rewrite in that sentence



Having a purpose






Having one purpose



It is an almost imperceivable detail, but changes everything



Having a purpose means that you have a chance to try, fail and try again, switching from one direction to another, as long as you have somewhere to direct yourself to



Having one purpose means that there is no direction to choose



Whatever you select, the choice will be either to win or to lose it all



A once in a lifetime opportunity to be with the most perfect match to what you seek will be forever gone



Think of this and reflect before you set yourself in any play



This is your moment, your chance to taste, your chance to feel, your chance to succeed



Open all your senses and absorb each detail of what happens, so you can make the correct choice in the correct moment and raise the interest of the one who may take you



The only way for that to happen is to leave all your luggage at the door, both of your body and mind, trust in the choice you made and accept all that comes with it



If you need to hold on to something then choose this



This is my choice and He is the Master I have chosen




Accepting that you will change




You may think that you will return unharmed, but every BDSM session you do has a profound effect on you.



The more experienced a master is the more he will affect you in ways that you cannot predict



Don’t fight it



It should be that way




I have to remember you that I am not offering a ghost ride at the fair where you buy a ticket and leave with a few laughs



I have had slaves crying from pain and even without pain from the overwhelming emotions running through them



Some events will brand your mind like they were hot irons



Fixing those kinds of markings is tough, if not impossible



With such high stakes, do not take this with a light hearted approach



Be an adult



My game is not a joke



I am a serious player and I expect you to be the same



High stakes means responsibility



But the prize is high, if you accomplish what you came for



Your greatest wish can be granted without any lucky ticket, without paying one cent, without depending on anyone for a chance to enter my training



It is up to you and only to prove your worth




Push your toys and diapers away and show me a grownup capable of making choices by himself and that can stick to them no matter what hardships appear




You will be evaluated for every word and every action, from the first moment of contact



Prove me that I can count on you from this point forward until the end of the contract you sign