To see and be seen – The way to approach

Somewhere along the way, you have stumbled upon my words and my profile


You have found them of interest and you are curious about trying yourself in my hands to see if the path I have to show fits your deepest desires


But you are afraid to approach and be rejected by me



So you wait for me to make the move


To pick you among the crowd


To take the lead, binding you to my will and pulling you to the place where everything happens


Then you should know that you will have to have almost the same amount of luck as winning the lottery



Over the time, I have stepped away from making the first contact


The choice to accept my path must be done in a conscious way, not because I push you into it but because you choose to



That is the only power that matters in this game


The power of choice



After you are stripped down of everything you have, there is no turning back


What I do here is explain what my offer consists of, my points of view regarding this life game and the seriousness of my offer to those that are willing to come to me


For those that are living in Lisbon, that means exposing themselves to someone that may be in contact with them in a way that may intersect with their real life


For those that are far away, that means taking a trip to meet a complete stranger in a foreign land where anything can happen



As you can see, I offer a tough challenge



How do I know you have the strength to take the pill that will make everything melt away


It all starts with a message


From you to me saying you want to take it


Or that you are curious enough to learn more, before offering your application as my future slave



I do not care for slaves that think that the Master must make the contact and that it is rude for a slave to bother


You are not my slave until my chain is in your neck


And you will never feel it, unless you remove yourself from being an observer and become an actor in this play



I have seen plenty of slaves up to today


And I continue doing so from time to time


Some look nice in the photos they and others show nice words that have attracted my attention



But what is there to show me any true interest in making words become actions or putting those nice bodies to some proper use



The answer is





I would like to tell you that all slaves appeal to me


But that is not true



To help you know if you are what I look for, you should see both the words I write here and those that you may find in keyword list on my recon profile


If you fit in them, then it is up to you to put yourself to the test and show your interest in proceeding


Both a message or a “cruise” are fine although one provides you with an answer and the other does not in case of rejection


I have the time to reply and to discuss as long as you seem serious enough about proceeding



So take a chance and try


You have more to lose by making yourself invisible in my eyes than from making a move, whatever that may be



This is my first command to you


Make it happen


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