The five stages of slavery – Submission

Ladies and gentlemen, masters and slaves


Here we are again, gathered around the light of the fire, to hear how the story unfolds


Feel free to sit by my side and listen to the path that has been chosen



Now we will delve inside the belly of the beast


Stay close so you don’t get lost


There is no return from this point forward



Like all great inventions, the next stage begins by error



The beast roams the street on his way to the next encounter


He knows he will find dissatisfaction in this meeting


It will be his punishment


A punishment to appease the beast within


It cannot wait any longer



So he seeks the wrong guy


With his wrong ideas



At the arranged time he presents himself


A door is opened and a person arises


A greeting emerges as he enters the lair



Moving forward to meet his challenge, he hears the door close behind him


In the mystical place where the action will occur, space folds upon itself and takes all players within



The world they are on is their own


There is no one to account for their actions



Each player takes his place on the board


And the Game begins



An order is given





The beast obeys


All covers are lost


All shadows removed



The master makes his move and puts the beast in its proper place


By lock and chain, all exits are cut


Eyes can see no more


But all other senses remain



And the master leaves



Perhaps the master will not return and leave him to abandon


Or perhaps he will return and finish his torment forever


What fate would fit him best


He does not know



Time seems to have stopped


Seconds seem like hours


Minutes feel like days



And there the beast lies


Bound naked against the wall






His breath is his only companion



No place to hide remains



Fear begins to take its toll on the beast


He shakes like a drug addict waiting for his dosage


Moving in every direction, but not moving at all


Fighting the air for a step forward, but not gaining a single inch



Despair fills his mind as he cannot fight what he does not see or comprehend


Words are spoken but none there to listen


Strength seems to falter at each attempt to break free



All words dry up in the mouth until none can come out


Tiredness eats up whatever desire there was to move


All that is left is to give up the fight


And surrender



When all is lost, steps start filling the air


Each one louder than the previous one


As the master returns



Something makes contact upon the slave’s flesh


A warm hand touches a cold wet body


Each touch brings shocks in this closed circuit



The beast does not know what to do


To scream for surrender only to be left alone again or to face the challenge to what he came to do


Better to feel than not feel at all


The only thought left on the beast’s mind



He gathers his final strength to muster his words


Take me…. Master



Completely bound and unable to move, a heart is opened


A dream touched and caressed finally finding its true Master


An act of true love is made



All shells are broken until all is exposed and there is nothing left to hide


There is no need for that


All is given and all is taken




Without effort



The Game ends and reality returns


Final compliments are exchanged and the path back home begins


Cold air touches the face


The mind feels numb, but the heart is appeased


Each step seems lighter than before



He finally arrives at his home after the long walk


Removing all of his clothing, he heads for the bathroom for the deserved shower


Stopping by the mirror on his way to the bath, he gasps at what he sees


Words appear in his mouth



What have I done



He cannot see himself anymore


He has become his dream



The beast is born



How will the story end, you may ask


You will know soon enough



In the next stage – acceptance


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