A line in the sand – Trainer versus Owner

From time to time, I get messages from slaves saying that they want to be owned 24/7 with no return, ready to be by my side as quick as the flick of a switch


Besides those that come from Ghana or with X-factor replication on Recon (i.e. multiple profiles with the same photos & text made on the same day) that I can easily discard as fakes, there are those that feel ready to take such a step and that I evaluate with some seriousness


The first step for any slave to be owned must start with a trial period


Can’t see any slave dropping by parachute into a permanent ownership without even knowing whom they are going to see and serve for the rest of their life


The steps into ownership for any slave in my hands always obeys what I state as my offer for ownership


There are no shortcuts and no VIP treatment even if you are cute, with training from a hundred masters before me and willing to do anything I want


I don’t care


This is my game and you will play it accordingly



That starts with a weekend, a week and after that a month



Even if you are willing to take these steps there is a catch



I will never own a slave that needs me as a way out of their problems



The offer of ownership is reserved for those that no longer need my trainings


That offer is intended for slaves that can make a conscious and unbounded decision to serve


That can provide for themselves both in material and mental terms


That can leave with no loose ends where they come from



You will come to serve me on all my needs


Some of them don’t involve chains, ropes and an open ass



It will not be play but real servitude where only the strongest will be able to take it


I will not provide any cushion of appreciation or even care about your feelings


You will serve me and your only reward will be to serve me another day



For all others my offer is training and not ownership



My offer is not bound for the desire to own you in the end


Even if you don’t have the desire to end up as someone’s property but have a genuine desire to go further in your role as a slave you may contact me and offer yourself as my student



As a teacher I enjoy playing with my slaves, but more than that, I enjoy seeing my slaves evolve and becoming more committed in that part of their identity


I will be pleased just to have you for the shortest period of time in my offering, being that period one weekend



Your evolution in the end is your choice so it is your decision to take yourself to the next level or stay on the same step of the latter


But it will be my choice to accept you in whatever proposal you have in mind



If you are one that says you already have all the training you need to be a slave, I will not argue with you, but you will never be my slave



Each master has something to offer that distinguishes them from all others


As for my offer, you will have to find out for yourself



All information that you may need to take it you may find in this blog, or you may ask me



My offering is real and so should you be


Be prepared to make into actions all that you say you will do


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