Toys and Tools

Slaves fall into two categories according to the way they see themselves


Slaves can be toys or they can be tools



Toys are items you get out of impulse


They look shiny and cute



You can find them on a shelf, packaged like a thousand others alike, or sometimes thrown on a cage mixed up with several others of different colors and sizes to pick up in the middle of a corridor


You don’t care where they came, what hands held them, how long they will last in your hands


You care for nothing that happens to them, so you use and abuse of them to your desire



But they serve for no other purpose than play


They will not last


That is not their purpose



For a fashion, you will use all that you can and they will occupy your time while you are in the mood for them


But their end is bleak and foretold


Either a shelf or a trashcan will be their final destination


Only with some luck will they ever find another hand willing to hold them again



Good tools are harder to find


They are usually found on specialty stores, known by brand, with specific functions


The materials used are selected carefully, inspected in every detail, some with lifetime warranty



These are to be cared for, used as required to do a proper job


You get them not for their beauty, but for their usefulness in the line of duty



Some of them require preparation before use and some require training to learn how to take the most advantage of their qualities


The more care you provide them, the longer they will last in your hand and the more you can depend on them when in need



I will not judge your choice


Everyone has a place in this game


You should know what is yours



You are free to change your mind if your choice no longer gives you satisfaction



Nevertheless I consider myself a craftsmen


I craft minds


That is my job as a Master



I seek tools good enough to be used even if they have some rust or are still packaged, as long as the heart of the tool is strong enough to take the beating of time


I have no need for toys, although I may enjoy playing with them from time to time


If you come as a toy be prepared to meet your fate sooner or later


The shine does not last forever



If you come prepared to become a tool, willing to be sharpened, polished and oiled, you will find use in my hand


And I will take good care of you


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