Life in the cage

You are lost



You come from a place unknown and you go to a place unknown


You have no way of knowing where it is and you have no point of reference to know where to return to



Everything you look at looks the same



You see cages


You see shadows


You see cages with shadows



You see your new home



You have lost


You have lost all that you had before



All that you enjoyed


All that you cherished


All that you hated



All that made you move forward


All that made you slow down



You take nothing with you


Nothing will be needed





You enter the cage



You enter it alone


You are naked


In body and mind



A hand pushes you forward


A door closes behind you


The sound fills your ears and mind


Until is subsides and disappears



You are indeed lost



You occupy a dark space







There is nothing to keep you company


Except shadows


Empty faces


Mouths that talk but say nothing


Bodies cold to the touch and to the heart



And here you are


A shadow among shadows


A shadow of what you were



Shadows keep you company


They have no form


Have no desires


Nothing to look forward to



They have lost all


They have lost hope


Hope in finding freedom


Hope in having a new beginning


Hope in returning to a time that will not return



The shadows walk around


Looking but not looking


Touching but not feeling


Sharing with nothing to share


They are as empty as the space they occupy



As you stay inside the cage you feel yourself fading


Time passes by and eats you



It hurts


A pain you cannot make go away


A pain without wound



But it bleeds





You choose to fight it



To feel the time you scratch the wall


Making time yours by looking at it



But time continues to pass


The markings never stopping


The pain never subsiding



From the shadows come whispered words you do not like


Words to open the mortal wound


Words to take the last beats from your heart



You have no place to return to


This is your home



You are one of us



You push the shadows away


Fighting them


Trying to grab the air where they are



You are truly lost



In this cage I find you


Waiving your hands




Lost and insane



A caged beast


Fighting to survive


To survive the meaningless that has fallen over you


The meaningless you became



A shadow



It is from this cage that I pick you




Feeling the last beats of your failing heart


With nothing to hold on to



I place my chain around your neck


To lock you up


To mark you as mine



To set you free


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