Dualities I – A slave’s point of view

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One dedicated to each player of this game



Both worlds apart, but at the same time together




 Bondage versus slave play



Some slaves say that they like being bound, but do not like to serve someone


Some slaves like to serve, but have no desire for being bound



For the first part


Bondage without servitude



To be bound demands trust


To trust the one who binds you to take you to the ecstasy of confinement


The total surrender you cannot run away from



For you to achieve pleasure, the one that ties you must know you and the ropes that will bind you


He must be a master in what he does



To get what you want, you have to accept that you will have to allow him to take you and leave you helpless


You have to submit



You may not call it that but that is what it is



You are a slave to your Master


It is only the desire of the Master not to take you further



Bondage enforces surrender with ties


Slave play enforces surrender with will



Both tie body and mind


If you accept the ties then you have already submitted to His will


If you surrender you are a slave


And you are doing slave play



As for the second part


Servitude without bondage



Some slaves say that they like to serve but do not want to be bound


They say that it is not needed as they state that they already serve with all their heart so no binds are required



To be a slave means that you accept that you serve


That you accept that you are to lose all control over your life and fill your Master’s desires


And control over your body is something that is included, or at least should be


If you serve your Master, then why are you imposing a limit to Him


If you cannot surrender, then you are not serving Him



To serve you have to accept that all must be lost and that your will means nothing next to your Master’s desires


Let yourself go and serve


Become all that you can



A slave in your Master’s hands


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