Stuck in the middle

Once lost at sea, surrounded by mighty clouds of rain and thunder, the sun and the cool air breeze now passes over your face



A gentle touch after such a shocking moment, makes everything seem so unreal that it feels like it didn’t happen, that it was all in your mind



As time passes the mind starts playing tricks, corrupting and diluting what was felt until all ends in a blur




Every climax leads to an anti-climax



A fight against change, a desire to return to the normal self



Even if you hate it



But it is comfortable to return, to return to be the piece in the clock that ticks at the same regular intervals as once before



It is what it should be, what must be




I harbor within me the desire to finish the training of the slaves I once initiated, specially the ones with whom I still maintain a connection, even if it is only through a fake connection in  an on-line profile



It is not my call to make it into a real one, even if I may wish for it to happen




Choices have to be voluntary and even if you do want it, events may prevent you from doing so




Time moves swiftly



Days become months



Months become years




The distance between us grew beyond the point where it could restart from the point it was when my hand grabbed the chain you once wore, the one you have stuck up in a drawer or a shoe box, tucked somewhere out of sight




I still keep the key for the padlock that held that chain, the contract that you signed and the memories of events that happened between us




Freedom of choice made you come to me



And my gift to you was the freedom to forget me and what happened



To allow you to live out your life the way you decided




I may check up on you to see where you stand and the choices you made in between




I will not tell you to come even if we talk again



As it is your choice to do so if you wish



The only assurance I can offer you is that if you hold the chain I gave you, there is still a chance for you to return and continue




Events happen when it is the correct time to do so




I can wait



It is my privilege to be able to do so




The world will continue to move



New slaves will occupy the space you once were and the memory of them will be added next to yours as time moves for everyone




There is no shame in saying hi after so long or that you want to be under my rule



It can happen again or not, but unless you ask you will never know




It is by will alone that you set your mind in motion



And maybe I will be there once again