The friendship system – Success and failure of online trust

Some slaves have asked me in the past,  if I claim to have such a long number of slaves that have served me in the past, why is my friend list on recon is so small



That has some explainable reasons easy to grasp



The first and more basic is that adding friends can only be done from a premium membership


As very few ever took the initiative to add me in the past, there was not that much to show


I have premium membership since December 2012



The second is that profiles are made and destroyed too quickly


Some time ago, I made a small exercise and selected from my contact list a few spaced nicks from previous contacts I had made


From that list, less than 15% were still in existence



The third reason is that not every slave that I have trained in the past wants to be known to have been under my service


In fact, many are not even able to be associated with anyone to begin with


That happens too much in countries that do not have a gay open community, being Portugal one in that list unfortunately



As a keeper of secrets, I have no interest in the exposure that comes from that


Nevertheless I understand that there has to be a balance between secrecy and exposure, specially in terms of reference points for future contacts



Dating services are made popular by providing an anonymous way of connecting people without having to expose yourself and be seen, touched and evaluated


Photos can be retouched or just be internet pictures that you like, profile data can be faked or “enhanced” to meet your made up ideas about yourself and fantasies can be written down without any physical support to the real you and what you are truly in search of



To help you in that area the friend list on your profile (that I call in a jokingly way as the friendship system) could be a good help



If you were to add every person that you have known personally in the past and that could grade the realness of the profile and the ideas on that he stands for (being in terms of recon if he is a good fucker, fister, fistee, master, slave, dog or whatever they one day invent) it would be nice


Some sites use that concept already and it seems to work out



Nevertheless in a virtual world, friends can just be people that share the same ideas or that have something that you like and you may never have seen in real life


Just because you have a nice text and/or pictures, you may have 200 friends and have met none



As it is now, the friendship system has deep flaws in terms of evaluating a truthful identity of a profile


Each user is free to use and abuse it according to its own views about its purpose


Virtual does not connect with the real and it does not provide any meaningful fulfillment



There are too many fake profiles in any service you may use



Trust is something that has to be earned


Eye to eye


Flesh against flesh



Trust your own judgement about those that you are in contact with


The choice of whom you will meet is yours in the end



Nevertheless if you know me in person and wish to add me to your friend list in recon you are free to do so and to do it as well to all of those that you know



The friendship system is better than nothing, but a mere drop in an ocean


Never enough to really fulfill your thirst


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