Dungeons & Slaves – The Game

What is needed for this game



– A place to play it


– A Slave


– A Master


– A Contract



The place to play it is unimportant


Only the Master and the Slave are required



Both pieces in this game have the same value


One cannot exist without the other



How it is played


It is a simple game



One piece surrenders


One piece shows the other why


One Contract defines what can be done in the game



What are the moves than can be played


There are 4 categories in which they can be divided, commonly known as BDSM


– Bondage


– Domination


– Sadism


– Masochism



What can be lost if improperly played


– Your work


– Your friends


– Your family


– Your mental stability


– Your body


– Your Life



What can be gained


– Your Freedom



For how long can it be played


From a minute


To a one lifetime