The place of the Game






It starts on a place in your mind


The place where all fantasies begin


The place where you are free to explore your darkest desires in total security and you see what makes you tick



From that point you see what you would like to explore and find out someone who can offer you that


With the help of a master, a place and time is set



On meeting the master in the place at the specific time, fantasy becomes reality


Face to face, eye to eye



The place and time to play is now


It is a hotel room, a bedroom, a dungeon, a basement, a car, an alleyway, an abandoned house or the middle of the forest



It is the place


It is the moment



The place is not perfect and does not fit your fantasy


No place can ever do that


But your heart nevertheless still races, even more than in your dreams



Your fears battle with your desires


You seek to run as much as you yearn to stay



That is the moment where the Master’s help is needed


Your body is bound and your mind with it



There is no place to escape and all can be lost


That is the moment where dreams become real



All that remains is for you to submit


And live