Twist and turn


There is are many ways to do BDSM


Allow me describe you one



Where a spank does not mean that it needs to bruise beyond what the skin can take before it remains in the mind


Where humiliation does not mean that I have to call you names or be rude


Where abuse does not mean that it has to be non-consensual


Where pain does not have to be either unbearable, displeasing or out of context


Where sobriety is a requirement to feel and understand what is being done


Where toys are used to complement a session and not its purpose


Where other than disconnecting from everything, you are centered and directed


Where other than feeling worthless, you find value and recognition in what you are



But to some BDSM has the opposite form


And some seek it feel it applied that way



I do not know what fits you best


But I know what I can and want to offer



Choose your path


And perhaps


I’ll be there to meet you