Letter from a slave


To my one and only Master



To me your are the most valuable person in the world


I worship the earth you walk on


The hand that grabs me


The body that grazes me


That leaves me yearning for every taste I can extract


The cock that leaves me without words, gasping for air


That shows me my place in this world under Your rule



I know that I have no value whatsoever


That I am but a slave into this world


To be used and abused


Left to rot alone in the dark



But when I serve you with this humble body


When I prove myself worthy of the chain you placed on me


A purpose burns in my mind


That lights my darkness for an instant


And is rekindled at every word you direct at me



I know that distance sets us apart


But I am willing to shorten it


As my desire to serve you is here


Always present and unrelentingly burning inside me


Waiting for the moment when I will be at your feet again


To serve you once more to the best of my abilities



For you I’ll throw away the worst part of me


So that I can give only my best part


So that you can give meaning to it


So that you can give value to it


As only by your side can I feel worth in my existence


Making my time yours


Your will my own


My body your tool


Making myself valuable in your service



To be with the only one that can do so


The only one that I want to do that for