One size fits all


Or at least fits most


Something you would search for in a hat


But not for something as complex as this game


But some are happy with such an approach



I leave you with a question


The path of experimenting is one that seduces many slaves


Trying out that which the “normal” way cannot provide


Seeking to break boundaries and restrictions that would not be possible in any other way


But the same time, I find it odd that players limit themselves in so many ways


Going for specific things and actions


When they could do it all if they truly lived under such a mantra


Why is that



Although strange in my eyes, I understand those motivations


A familiar ground is always easier to face than the complete unknown



My game in many ways does not match what others offer, neither in form or fashion


That is its appeal as well as its deterrent



To live the game for me means to live it out of any shape others impose


To live it in my own way, under my own terms



That does not mean that I have no limits


Those are set in stone from the very beginning and agreed upon since the start of any conversation with potential slaves


I only take those that fit what I can and want to do


But from that point on, I paint my canvas as I wish, in an individualised way


For you and specifically for you



I do not seek the same shape


I do not seek the same background


I do not seek the same purposes


I am open to those that come, as they come


And I live my story with them


Taking what can be done


To the limit of what us both can enjoy


If not in the physical sense


Then in a mental sense


Breaking  what held you down


Finding out who you truly are


And you want to become



Not all have the courage to face the mirror and look at themselves laid bare


Grabbed by a hand that lifts them high in the air with nothing solid to stand on


Other than the convictions they have deep inside



Many run away from the truth for a lifetime


While some take their chance with someone they can trust, knowledgeable and capable


And they seek me


Tearing down walls that separate


Building bridges that connect


Holding tight to you when you have nothing to hold on to



That is my work


Something that I can feel proud of doing


And so will you